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Mitek Italy


The best quality in electric motors in the "mid" range between 10 and 80 kW

Mitek is an Italian manufacturer of cutting-edge electric motors. “We redefine boating comfort with zero emissions“. Experience the power of electric mobility, it is the best thing you can do to your boat.

Mitek REVOLVE motors

Mitek Revolve
Mitek Resolve logo patented

From the cutting edge of engineering and technology comes revolve, the 100% electric one of a kind sterndrive. The only sterndrive able to rotate on its own axis to switch from ON to OFF mode, making its footprint almost zero. Inspired by a simple intuition, that of bridging the gap between what technology can do and what it should do to simplify and improve life on board.

The Revolve in action:

Mitek Revolve mounted on ASTender 340:

Revolutionary simplicity

Mitek Resolve - Revolutianary simple

Mitek OUTBOARD motors

Mitek electric outboards bring a breath of fresh air, but the look is designed to make everything more intuitive than ever with classic, ultra-tested, rugged and durable construction. It becomes even easier to discover new places to visit and the best ways to get there.

LCD display

We have equipped our motors with LCD displays to keep an eye on your battery percentage at all times.

In addition as optional, each motor can be connected to the Mitek App so you can monitor battery status, speed in knots, RPM, temperature and more from the comfort of your cell phone wherever you are.

Mitek INBOARD motors

Experience the benefits of a revolutionary 0 emission cruising, the freedom to cruise anytime, even in marine protected areas.

Electric mobility is not only worth for the environment. Thanks to significantly lower energy consumption than fuel and reduced maintenance, the cost to navigate is close to zero.

Recharge your craving to explore nature and its wonders.

Extremely quiet

The powerful electric motors deliver maximum torque from the very first moment – even at low rpm- and accelerate with breathtaking dynamism.

Mitek Headquarter Italy

Manufacturer from Italy

Since 2019, the company Mitek has its headquarters in Ravenna, Italy. Ravenna is known as “Motor Valley” thanks to the many automotive manufacturers based there.

Mitek is driven by a mission to advance the field of hybrid and electric drives in Italy and Europe. The impact of the transport sector on energy consumption and environmental protection is enormous. Mitek develops suitable solutions at a good price-performance ratio, so that in the long term all boat owners can rely on renewable energy.

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