Why electric boating

The benefits of electric boating are innumerable.
We list the most important ones for you:


  • On our website there is a calculation of two situations, as a professional fisherman or as an individual. It is true that the purchase is pricey, but you have to factor in the savings on maintenance and running costs.

  • From 2025, your diesel or petrol engine will not be worth much. More and more cities and natural parks will start to ban traditional internal combustion engines. The demand for boats equipped with diesel or petrol engines will therefore decrease in the near future.


For sailboats, the usefulness of electric sailing becomes even greater:

  • The batteries provide excellent ballast

  • Electric cooking which means you no longer need gas (dangerous) on board.

  • Batteries can be recharged while sailing (called regeneration). There are already sailing boats that have crossed the ocean!

  • Sailboats that make long sea trips and want to sail on the engine for a long time in the event of a lull in the wind, can also carry a diesel generator for these exceptional circumstances (because something like this usually does not happen more than twice a year) to increase the range.


We don’t even have to explain this ourselves, look at all the daily articles in the media.


Do you live by the water? Then you can store the generated power from your (home) solar panels in your boat’s batteries. The app can even manage this for you.


People often think that the range of an electric boat is not enough. But ask yourself the question: ” How many hours do you sail per day?” Charging at night is enough to set off again the next day with full batteries. Even if only 16 amps are available in port.

Some of our range*

* Prices include VAT

A rib with an electric motor from €5,000, with a Temo even from €4,000.

Go to Temo on our website

An electric surfboard from €9,000.

Radinn Carve Tarifa

Radinn Carve Tarifa

A super light tender in Carbon from €10,500, 6 electric options.

Go to ASTenders

A modern sloop with a Torqeedo from €48,000.

Go to RAND and Torqeedo

A fast powerboat/rib with 120 HP electric from €129,000.

EVOY Electric RIB 120HP

EVOY Electrische RIB 120PK
Go to Evoy

A sailboat (electric) from €76,000.

Saffier Se 27 Leisure render

Saffier Se 27 Leisure render

A foiling surfboard from €13,200.

Fliteboard Series 2

Fliteboard Series 2
Go to Fliteboard

A foiling cruise motorboat with 2 berths and a range of over 100km.

Candela White DC Sand Upholstery

Candela White DC SandUp holstery
Go to Candela

You can make your boat electric from €22,000, a fast powerboat from €96,000.

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