The electric-green revolution

Evoy aims to provide an irresistible boating experience by inventing sustainable electric boat engines, accelerating the transition to sustainable boating.

Electric outboard motors

Evoy’s electric outboard motor system has received a lot of international attention following its announcement in March. It is a high-power motor best suited for boats of 18-25 feet for single installation and 25-35 feet for twin installations. The engine will be available as 120 hp, 300 hp and 400 hp.

Electric inboard engine systems

Evoy’s electric inboard motor system is best suited for fast boats from 20 to 50 feet. This robust system offers up to 800 hp, a range of +50 nm and a speed of +50 knots! All this with almost zero CO2 emissions and less noise.

New engines

After successfully deploying the Inboard Hurricane (400 hp continuous; 800 hp peak), the Outboard Storm (300 hp continuous; 600 hp peak), and the Outboard Breeze (120 hp continuous; 185 hp peak), there are two new additions to the fleet.

The Storm charges with 20kW marina shorepower cable while the Breeze charges with a 6 kW. They can also be hooked up to a DC supercharger for a 0-80% boost in just 45 minutes. The Storm is built around 800-volt battery technology; the Breeze utilizes 400-volt.

The integration between Evoy’s electric motor system and a gen-set worked straight out the box. Range extenders up to 20 kVa/kW are plug and play, while larger gen-sets can also be connected. Evoy is agnostic to range extender brand type. As always, the most streamlined solution is flexible, not one-size-fits-all.

Outboard Breeze 120 PK

Outboard Storm 300 PK

Accu 69 kWh - 800 W

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