Strana – Electric Boats

100% electric. 0% compromise.

”The benefits of an electric motorboat become obvious as soon as you turn the key.”

Strana is a fully electric powered boat that completely changes the view of what a boat is. A social platform tailored for community and adventure on the lake. Enjoy sea life in harmony with nature. No disturbing engine noise. No pollution. Strana shows the way for a sustainable life at sea, both above and below the surface. The boat is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden. Behind the design is Ted Mannerfelt of the legendary Mannerfelt Design Team.

Strana’s app

With Strana’s app, you as a boat owner have full control of your boat, wherever you are. You can easily see energy consumption and range. When the boat is in the marina, you can easily control the charging directly on your phone.

Strana - Hällevikstrand

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