Candela C-8

A solution for every adventure

C-8 DC

(Day Cruiser)

Available in 3 versions: Open / T-Top / Hardtop

Instead of pushing through waves, C-8 glides in silence over the water’s surface. We made a motor, the Candela C-Pod, perfected for hydrofoiling, deviating from the trend of larger engines in leisure boating. By combining innovation in electric propulsion with hydrofoiling, the C-8 leaves no wake behind.

C-8 CC

(Center Console)

The open CC design lets you connect with the surrounding as you fly silently over water. The fully submerged electric propulsion system makes no noise, leaving only the sound of birds and the breeze (or the music of your choice).​

No slamming to disturb the experience, as the foils provide a butter-cutting-smooth ride above any choppy waters. Leaving no wake to disturb other boaters or shorelines.​

C-8 Polestar Edition

(Partnership in design)

A limited edition with exclusive design features.

An iconic take on a revolutionary vessel. Polestar’s design team brings a new level of luxury to this limited-edition version of Candela C-8.

Available End 2024.

100% carbon, gemaakt in Zweden

Dankzij de ervaring uit de straaljager technologie en de vliegtuigindustrie, heeft Candela extreem lichte, doch stijve en zeer sterke rompen ontwikkeld. De C-8 romp is gemaakt van 100% carbon vezels, wat ze aanzienlijk lichter maakt dan vergelijkbare boten.

On a weight-to-strength ratio, carbon beats glass fiber by a wide margin.

Candela C-8 - Stringer - Romp van 100% carbon vezels,

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